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Meet Our Veteran Investors

The Good Stewards Podcast is headed by a team responsible for millions in transactions and profits.


Bill Syrios
The Founder

Founder & CSO--Chief Stewardship Officer

The name “Bill Syrios” is synonymous with creating an avalanche of real estate profits and equity while holding a refreshingly high standard of integrity and honesty. Bill started out in Portland in 1980 and, after retooling, began Stewardship Properties in 1989 from a cluttered Wendy’s restaurant table in Eugene, Oregon.

He single-handedly built the company from his first employee to a team of over 75 and now owns $110+ million in real estate investments. His mission has always been to build a company that was more than just about making money.

The name stewardship comes from the perspective that we are all “just passing through this life.” Good stewards are those who carefully and responsibly manage what has been entrusted to them. Bill’s story proves that anyone can get into real estate investing and build wealth...even if they start out with no money and they’re the only employee at the start.


Andrew Syrios
The Analyst

Numbers Guru & Kansas City Partner

Andrew followed his dad, Bill, into real estate investing and quickly demonstrated an incredible ability to find and close profitable deals.

He started working with Stewardship in 2005, and rapidly gained a reputation as the “real estate numbers guru.” In January of 2011, Andrew relocated to Kansas City with the task of starting a real estate operation from scratch. In less than 8 years, Andrew has grown the Kansas City branch of Stewardship Properties to nearly 470 units, and is responsible for over $35 million in investments.

Andrew is a well-known BiggerPockets contributor and holds an accreditation from CCIM, commercial real estate's most influential professional organization.


Amanda Perkins
The Activator

Strategic Operator & Portland Partner

Amanda Perkins is the dynamic presence behind the consistency and precision of Stewardship’s profitable operations.

As a very knowledgeable real estate investor in her own right, Amanda has been able to marry her expertise in real estate with her natural ability to create efficiencies in businesses.

During her eight years with Stewardship, she has helped to turn a modestly growing business into a thriving, systems driven operation that is able to consistently and predictably churn out profits. Currently, she oversees teams who have their hand in all of Stewardship’s infrastructure including the company's management and financial processes as well as its private lender relationships.

Along with managing strategic operations, Amanda is a Stewardship partner in Portland, Oregon. Even in such an expensive market, she has helped to grow a sizable Portland area portfolio of over 5 million in investments.


Ryan Dossey
The Visionary

Marketing Whiz & Indianapolis Partner

Ryan can only be described as a true force of nature. In three years, Ryan has not only grown the Indy branch of Stewardship Properties from 0 to 60+ properties, but has also managed to start and scale several other real estate service businesses at the same time.

When Ryan saw a need in the marketplace for a live answering service specifically for real estate investors, he started CallPorter.com to serve that need. He used his talent for effective marketing to help scale that business to multiple 6-figure months.

Ryan is well-known in the Indianapolis area for his expertise in creating fast, ethical profits with real estate investing and has been featured in publications like Forbes and Money Magazine. He’s also a contributor to BiggerPockets.

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