62 Years of Proven Real Estate Investing Expertise Straight from the Field

Listen to the only podcast by a proven real estate investing team that teaches you the most profitable strategies that work right now...and how you can use them to score your next profitable deal on your way to total financial freedom.

Do you want to make serious money with real estate investing and be a good steward of what you own?

In The Good Stewards Podcast, discover the best secrets from the experts who've built over 9 figures in real estate wealth, using proven strategies that have paid out again and again.


Avoid Mistakes

That plague most beginning investors


Build Wealth

Quickly and safely with integrity

Financial Freedom

Total Financial Freedom

You'll be on your way with us in your corner

Skip costly mistakes and start profiting

The Good Stewards podcast features four of the brightest minds working in real estate investing today. The hosts draw upon their combined 62 years of experience and counting in turning properties into purposeful profits to show you how to start creating REI income and building the life of your dreams.


Ryan, Amanda, Bill & Andrew

Let our teams show you the biggest lessons they’ve learned the hard way, out in the field.

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